Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Walnut box

I recently pulled out a project that i shelved last year because of a paying job had come my way. A couple of months ago I finally had the time to revisit this piece. The piece is a puja table, which basicly is a type of ceremonal, devotional alter. After spending a few hours working on it, I relized that it wasn't flowing for me anymore and had been away from it a bit too long. I decided to temporarly put it back on the shelf and take on a smaller, manageable piece to try and get some of my old woodworking, MoJo back. I designed and mocked up a small box that will be made from a beautiful piece of Black Walnut. I plan on focusing on the joinery, specificlly building the carcus with hand cut dovetails. Hand cut dovetails in wood working usally represent a sign of real craftmanship.

1 comment:

  1. Good job, man! Glad to see you back at this. And great to see you breaking the "pictures barrier"